Keeping Your Puppy Stimulated: Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re an experienced pup parent or embarking on the exciting journey of puppyhood for the first time, here are some tips and tricks to keep those tails wagging and those puppy brains stimulated.


It is vital to understand the importance of keeping a puppy mentally stimulated. Puppies can become rather destructive and irritated if they are not venting that built-up energy. Today we unveil some tips and tricks to put your little pup on the right path. A lack of mental and physical stimulation can lead to lots of trouble for your puppy, you and your home. Let’s get stuck in!


Using mealtime as a training opportunity

Kill two birds with one kibble-filled stone by ditching the training treats and just using their meal instead, which most of the time is gone before you can say slow down. This is not only a great way of utilising all of their calories, but also slowing down their eating and lowering the risk of bloat.



Food dispensing puzzle feeders

Alternatively, if you have had a busy day, simply use a puzzle feeder to dispense your puppy’s meal in a fun and stimulating way. This gets puppy brain cogs turning and paws flying. Puzzle food dispensers we would recommend are snuffle matts or Bob-a-lot kibble food dispensers.



Socialization and fun days out

Introducing your puppy to different people, animals, and environments can massively help develop social skills and confidence. Not only does this stimulate their minds, it’s great exercise too!



Interactive play sessions

Engage in interactive play with your pup using toys such as tug ropes etc. This helps them burn off energy and stimulates their mind. Also great for teaching your little land shark that toys are for playing and biting and not your hands!



Using these tips and tricks will direct your puppy’s energy in the right way. Bare in mind that puppies will be puppies and are never perfectly behaved. With a bit of perseverance and time, you will see vast improvements in your puppy.

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